What happens in a technological context where a device becomes obsolete within a very short time? This is central themes of the study carried out by the artist and researcher Benjamin Gaulon

Source: www.digicult.it

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Pulse+IT Magazine – Australasia’s First and Only eHealth and Health IT Magazine

Source: www.pulseitmagazine.com.au

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Source: mobile.nytimes.com

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These digital health and medical device startups were highlighted in talk by Eric Topol of Scripps Translational Science Institute on democratized healthcare

Source: medcitynews.com

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Using Rhino to create CAD models and a plug-in known as Grasshopper, Adrian Goegl designed unique, custom eyeglass frames. These were then printed in polyamide provided by i.materialise’s online 3D printing service.

Source: www.3ders.org

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A new kind of jewellery uses a pico projector to create an interactive play of light across the wearer’s neck.

Source: www.cnet.com

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Source: www.artjewelryforum.org

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