Thicker Brains Fend Off Pain

February 27, 2010

Another piece of research reported in Medical News today supporting meditation as a useful tool for pain management.

As someone who practises meditation this is encouraing for my practice!

Now to design a device which helps promote meditation!


the future of games

February 24, 2010

see jesse schell talk on the future of games

useful for any designer to see how the future of games is shaping up.

another use for body maps, and an interesting development using the smartphone to help manage and diagnose health issues

Body mole map app for the iphone and ipod touch –

MAA: Assembling Bodies

February 24, 2010

Looks like it might be an interesting exhibition that challenges notions about the human body. It contains a: diverse range of exhibits including stone tools used by early hominids, classical sculptures, medieval manuscripts, European paintings, medical instruments, scientific models, ancestral figures from the Pacific, South African body maps and kinetic artworks.

MAA: Assembling Bodies.

Brain Science Podcast

February 24, 2010

interesting podcasts on the brain and neuroscience

Brain Science Podcast.

Body Mapping tool

February 24, 2010

I am looking into ways in which people can tell their health stories. It seems to me to be important that the testimony is heard and that the use of metaphor is appreciated.

So that rather than doctors hearing the patients medical history; the person can tell their story. One intitiative allows people to tell their stories in  the shape of body maps

the colourful and absorbing images can be seen on this site – as well as being able to download a manual which describes the project in detail.


February 24, 2010

I am beginning toget interested in cyber surveillance what it means and how it could be used politically. Also fascinating is the trend to record everything about ourselves DAYTUM.  is a software wher you can record anything and everything about yourself. Why is this so appealling to people? curiouser and curiouser…