Handling Money Could Bring Pain Relief : Discovery News.


Cognitive Function Article, Neuroscience Information, Mapping Brain Facts — National Geographic.

just fascinating

Study maps effects of acupuncture on the brain.this study indicates that acupuncture has a significant effect on specific neural structures. as reported by science daily.

Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything | Video on TED.com.

talks about his quest to model and explain the physics underlying the universe. Big stuff but eloquently talked about.

don’t quite understand how this all works but adrian attard trevisan ( a fellow masters student at London Met) has put this together. see his blog for more info

29 April 2010: Nuno Coelho « Design Research Seminar Series.

Coelho’s seminar will explore the development of Modernsim in the fields of design and architecture

The design blog report on a plethora of wearable devices:

check out the link to  see the range of devices now coming through