Partnership to Develop Smart Helmet Monitoring To Prevent Overheating.

if you are hot headed here’s a solution!

but her’s another device whch works with biofeedbak in this instance its temperature. It also shows the potential of ‘wirless personal area networks’


New Method Scans Ear Canal to Improve Fitting of Hearing Aids.

Medgadget reports on the use of technology ( using dye filled ballons and a fibre optic camera) to create better fitting hearing aids

Sophono’s Alpha 1 Hearing Aids Get FDA Clearance.

showing a device which is worn on the body and within the body.

There iwll be more of these devices working withina nd without as advances are made in technology and materials. How to design for this intersection becomes of great interest. Particularly as public perception changes ot body modification

Metal Detection Using Your Smart Phone.

As Medgadget reports:

Imagine having a metal detector handy when you, as an emergency physician, have an unconscious patient come in and you need to know whether he has an implant. Well, you can sort of do it now with the Metal Detector app for Android phones that have magnetometers

Klimt02: Ruudt Peters: Anima Art Edition Amsterdam Netherlands art jewellery and crafts events.

as Klimt states:

For a considerable time now Ruudt Peters has been exploring the feminine subconscious in the male (the ANIMA) as a guiding principle for his design. Over the past year he has been drawing blind in order to achieve more freedom in his thinking. These drawings give expression to an unknown terrain in his visual language. The principle in theme is, the less you control the design, the more freedom and room in the ultimate product. As a continuation of this technique he has been drawing with wax underwater. This action generates an unfamiliar language. It is movement that solidifies what arises from the subconscious. A fluid line is caught in coagulated form. This process produces a totally different sort of design with regard to freedom, thought and expression. The works are gracious, delicate, and fragile. Made in aluminium, silver, gold and platinum.

What always attracts me to Peters’ work is his exploration of process,material and thinking.

Klimt02: Karl Fritsch: Freeling Melbourne Australia exhibitions unique custom jewelry custom handmade jewellery exhibitions.

although these are far from the aesthetic I am working with, I like the rawness of these pieces, and the basic elements and materials used;  Karl Fritsch says of them himself:

I like the DIY mentality – everybody has a project around the house and it doesn’t matter how skilled you are; you just do it.  You might fail but then you can just fix it again. There’s usually a good amount of making things fit that do not really fit. Materials get reinterpreted for a new use and the project becomes a creation and a statement in itself: the serendipity of DIY.

Klimt02: Teach us to outgrow our madness Stockholm Sweden exhibitions unique custom jewelry custom handmade jewellery exhibitions.

These images show jewellery by Miro Sazdic. I thought they related to jewellery as prosthesis; they reminded me of medical materials and hospitals; of strange protuberances which were connected to the body, of human enhancement and modification. However:

Miro Sazdic shows here a series she calls “Phantom Limb”. She says that we are born as original, individual beings and, as teenagers and adults, we are molded to fit into a group. If that which is individual in each child falls outside of the framework for the group’s consensus, it is regarded as a negative trait and the child risks being expelled.

“What is regarded as being deviant for the group is for the individual unique. And what is generally accepted for the group becomes then deviant to the individual, for it then demands the elimination of something basic, individual and self-evident”, Miro Sazdic adds.

The pieces she is showing are like bandages, wrapped several times around emptiness. It is as if she has fostered the phantom emotions that can haunt our minds, resembling the presence of ghosts in the otherwise so perfect world, which we grown-ups try in vain to create.

How wrong can I be- guess it just depends on where you are coming at it from..