Klimt02 Gallery: the art jewellery space in Barcelona.

I have included this piece since it alludes to the body, and in th consideration of jewellery as prosthetic this carries on the tradition of memory enhancement

Klimt states:

Piece name: Thinking of you (leo)
Year: 2009
Materials: Fine silver, stainless steel, polyurethane paint
Price: 900 €
Size: 6,6 cm

“Thinking of you (portraits)” is a series of brooches that reproduces the ear of the user, or that of the user’s partner , friend or child: each brooch is designed to order, and strives to render, much as a portrait painting would, the specific features of the sitter’s ear. It finds its inspiration in the Victorian hairwork popular towards the end of the 19th century: mourning and sentimental jewellery, usually presented in the form of lockets, featuring a painted portrait on its visible side, and a braided hairlock on the flipside, or inside the medallion. It is poised, as the locket was, between remains and representation.
Each brooch is delivered in a box, pinned to a folded newspaper page featuring a personal ad describing the sitter. Made to order, unique piece.


Klimt02 Gallery: the art jewellery space in Barcelona.

In their release Klimt gallery state:

Batec -the title of this work- is the Catalan word for heartbeat.  It maybe obvious then
by looking at the piece that we are talking about a heartbeat.

If it looks like a heart, smells like a heart and beats like a heart, then it must be one.
But beat could also mean ’tired’ or ‘beaten down’… the fate of our days.

What makes this piece so attractive is the constructive form, a construction that looks
like a kind of metal device with an strange function we cannot figure out. The softness
of the surface and the subtle blackness of its patina. And above all the feeling when
you hold it in the palm of your hand.

A metal heart for the age of the heart attacks, a metal heart for a robot at the computer age, a metal heart for, you know, Life’s not complete till your heart’s missed a beat.

Or is it perhaps just the heart Tin Woodman was looking for at The wonderful Wizard
of OZ?

thomas hirschhorn: the subjecter.

I include this as I am interested in art that deals with the body and its representations. Hirschhorn says:

I was always interested by surface, by the contact with surface. the impact is always on the surface. the impact has to touch the surface. (…) the mannequins – when I made them – wanted to be the poor contemporary, armoral, non-religious version of somebody or something who endures in place of another, a kind of fetish, which is in african culture an object charged with a supernatural power, either favourable or evil. (…) other references are also possible – in fact – I always try to be precise and at the same to create an opening in my work.

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