We humans can mind-meld too – life – 26 July 2010 – New Scientist.

There’s now scientific backing for the old adage that when two people “click” in conversation, they have a meeting of minds. The evidence comes from fMRI scans of 11 people’s brains as they listened to a woman recounting a story.

The scans showed that the listeners’ brain patterns tracked those of the storyteller almost exactly, though trailed 1 to 3 seconds behind. But in some listeners, brain patterns even preceded those of the storyteller.


Innovating on a Broken Arm Holder.

After breaking his clavicle Ryan Klinger decided to reinvent the sling. Its adjustable, has an arm-rest pump which can be inflated and is made from stromatex (breathable neoprene) .

new simplicity exhibition.

An exhibition celebrating the pursuit of simplicity in design featuring graduates and staff from the RCA’s acclaimed Design Products Department opens on 24 July at 203 Brompton Road and runs until 8 August.

New Simplicity showcases the work of both established and emerging international product designers, all unified by a shared belief in the pursuit of simplicity. Featuring established names such as Jasper Morrison and Sam Hecht, alongside a new generation of designers, the exhibition presents classic simple design combined with many new objects, which exploit the latest Rapid Manufacturing technologies.

New Simplicity is on from 24 July – 8 August at 203 Brompton Road, London. Admission is free.

Book Review: Plastic Dreams, by Charlotte & Peter Fiell – Core77.

BBC’s New World Music Archive: Where Will It Take The Next Generation Of Musicians? – PSFK.

Smart-ologic Corian® Living.

Let My Eyes Speak

July 28, 2010

Let My Eyes Speak.

‘i-Mos is a pair of funky looking glasses that a speech impaired person can use for easy communication. Although the user scenario suggested by the designer looks more tragic, like involving physical disabilities as well, I’m going to stick with just the basics. The device tracks your eye movement as Morse-code inputs and then voices it out as speech. One eye is dedicated to “dot” and the other to “dash”. Aids like sentence completion and built-in Morse code learning, add value to the idea and make usage more independent. A well intended plan!’