Shape-shifting robots

August 29, 2010

Studded with magnets and electronic muscles known as actuators, a prototype robot developed at MIT can automatically fold itself into an airplane or an origami boat

Shape-shifting robots.


Neither models nor miracles: a look at synthetic biology.

interesting article on systems biology

Embracing skeletons image – Photo: Skeletons locked in eternal embrace – CNET News.

exploring the sensual qualities of touch: embrace, hold, caress thought htis was a great image

jeonghwa seo + hanna chung: ripple effect tea table.

as part of his graduation project for IM masters design academy eindhoven,
‘ripple effect tea table’ by korean industrial designer jeonghwa seo in partnership with
hanna chung
is a reflection of eastern mentality towards social relationships.

Cyber dynamics

August 23, 2010

Cyber dynamics.

Next month in London sees the second annual festival organised by digital arts organisation Alpha-ville, on the theme of cities of the future. Anna Richardson takes a sneak preview of some of the work that will be on show.

Combining the digital realm with arts is providing an increasingly heady mix. As digital technologies continue to grow and become more accessible, digital art and design are doing so at a similar pace.

Estela Oliva, co-founder of the digital arts and design organisation Alpha-ville, says, ‘The impact of communication and of social communities make art participatory in a way that has never happened before. Millions of communities are connected, opening doors and creating global connections.’

Oliva launched Alpha-ville with Carmen Salas last year in response to a lack of innovative events in London that promote and support the development of high-quality digital arts and culture.

Next month sees its second annual festival. The two-day multidisciplinary event takes place on 17-18 September at the Whitechapel Gallery and the Rich Mix in east London and includes audio-visual performances, interactive design installations and digital screenings.

This year’s theme is Visionary Cities, which chimes with Alpha-ville’s ongoing interest inthe rise of the mega city and gives participants the opportunity to explore their visions of future urbanism.

Concept: Philips Fluid Smartphone With Flexible OLED Display.

Christina Biliouri Transensing « verydesignersblock.

Transensing by Christina Biliouri is a series of objects inspired by the idea of synesthesia. Each piece is designed to improve communication by using another sense to replace the one that has been impaired.

The question she asked herself?

Can we “reallocate” our perception of objects from vision to touch and hearing, just like our brain does when we lose our sight?

The goal of this project is to shift inclusive design from being merely a problem solving process to an emotional approach, which addresses disability on a social context through a sensorial exploration. It is focused on the implications visual impairment has in everyday social transactions. It intends to raise awareness by introducing objects which provoke and invite people to immerse themselves in a new experience where touch and sound are celebrated.