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Synaesthesia – crossovers in the senses | Science |

Nabokov experienced colour with each sound, Kandinsky heard music with a splash of paint, both had synaesthesia, a rare neurological condition which causes the senses to intertwine

Once thought to be extremely rare, synaesthesia is now believed to affect between 1 and 4% of the population. Several years ago, Eagleman and his colleagues set up a website, containing a battery of tests to objectively verify synaesthetic experiences, and to date more that 9,000 synaesthetes have registered on the site.

Self-reports on the website reveal that there are over 100 different forms of synaesthesia, and these can be clustered into 5 main groups. In the most common form of the condition, letters, numbers and units of time such as weeks and months evoke the experience of colour; in others, sounds evoke smells, tastes or sensations of touch; in yet others, pain, touch, temperature, orgasms and emotions evoke colours.



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