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February 28, 2011


Discover – Herman Miller

February 28, 2011



Discover – Herman Miller.

Think about crutches. Most of us don’t until we experience the difficulty and discomfort of using them. Crutches can damage nerves, arteries, and tissue, and it’s easy to slip and cause more pain or more injury.








Near Future Laboratory » Blog Archive » Nonobject Short Notes.

Make: Online » Serendiptichord.


serendiptichord extract v3 from Fluid Eye Productions on Vimeo.

A New Design Movement That Can Help Us Beat Obesity | Co.Design.





The World’s Most Complex Architecture: Cardboard Columns With 16 Million Facets | Co.Design.

Michael Hansmeyer uses algorithms invented by Pixar and painstaking handicraft to generate columns with dizzying detail.

When people mistake photographs of your physical prototypes for computer renderings, you know you’ve achieved something amazing. That’s exactly what happened when Michael Hansmeyer showed off his “computational architecture” column, created by iterating a subdivision algorithm over and over again and then fabricating it out of cardboard.