Wearable Medical Equipment | Colourless Design.

These devices are designed by Olga Epikhina called HealthPals they area  wearable monitoring system.

Interesting that there seems to be a bit of a trend for health devices to be made in grey with a green accent colour. They are looking itnersting though- I will look out for this designer.


The Really Smart Phone – WSJ.com.

researchers at MIT have been tracking families using sensors and smart phones. Patterns of human behaviour are being revealed that could offer insights in all sorts of areas of human lives.

An interesting factor was how by ‘analysing changes in movement and communication patterns, researchers could also detect flu symptoms before the people themselves realised they were getting sick’!

George MacKerron form LSE is also gathering data from volunteers througha  iphone app called Mappiness this then charts the hour-by hour happiness level of UK cities on his website. apparently the happiest time is 8pm saturday and the unhappiest is Tuesday.

great article about the state fo human enhancement

suckerPUNCH » robyn: body architecture.

Everynow and then I come across another peice of Lucy McRae’s work and my attention is always immediately grabbed. I like the way she thinks through her ideas wand works with interesting materials.

suckerPUNCH comments that Lucy met Robyn who talked about:

the expression of raw human emotion, coexisting within a digital world and that technology is our new feathers, our face paint, our punk, the way we signal to each other our needs and who we are.

very apt in these times, and intersting in terms of how digital technology is becoming the new jewellery, the new body adornment, yet designers are still not engaging with this in a meaningful way


this neck pillow with eye device is apparently soft and temperature controlled, and good for frequent travellers. i ahve lots of questions about this, but it is an interesting idea

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