The Decade Of The Mind & Your New Cyborg Brain 1b | Plus Ultra Technologies/30 steps.

” We are not thinking machnes, we are feeling machines that think”

Hmm! something from Plus Ultra Tech� to mull over…


YouTube – Jewelry as Art – Peter Skubic Show in Munich | euromaxx.


Video of Peter Skubic whose work was shown at  the Pinakotek der Moderne in Munich 2011

Nanofibres and Fashion Technology at

Informative post from outlining the qualities of nanotechnology. I am very interested in how materials can offer the thermal gain that our own body’s  materials offers us. And now we have nanofibres with thermal storage properties. Other properties these fibres have are:

waterproof but breathable


greater absorbency (wicking)

power generating





Prosthetic Aesthetics: with Stelarc, Bertolt Meyer, Lizbeth Goodman and Rachel Armstrong | Science Gallery.


A ‘wish I was there’ moment,  I’m sure this will be a thought provoking event. Stelarc, Rachel Armstrong, Lizbeth Goodman and Michael John Gorman all being on the panel, that will discuss prosthetics, technology and aesthetics,and presumably culture as well.

+ Hanky Pancreas™

June 7, 2011

+ Hanky Pancreas™.

Jessica Floeh uses a insulin pump herself, and for her masters chose to focus on the socio-psychological impact of wearable diabetes technologies.

Through working with a group of women with diabetes in New York she was inspired to create designs. Hanky Pancreas is a series of products that can be attached onto insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.

It’s a nice simple and relatively cheap alternative that offers women some choice in how they wear the devices.

‘Communion’ by @field_io and @universalevery at @gaitelyrique – “celebration of an audio visual synesthetic experience” #cinder #javascript | CreativeApplications.Net.

strange, magical and mesmeric, this exhibition by Matt Pyke (Universal Everything) is called Super-Computer-Romantics, and deals with anthropomorphism.

Communion by Field + Universal Everything – Documentation from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.

Communion – Live Coding – by Field and Universal Everything from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.

1minute69 B0DYSC4PES live performance @ LPM Rome on Vimeo on Vimeo

via 1minute69 B0DYSC4PES live performance @ LPM Rome on Vimeo.

video showing 1minute69’s BODYSC4pes performance on May 22 2011 In Rome.

The performers interact with visuals and sound, to explore ideas of identity and I think embodiment. Visually arresting and intriguing – I want to know how they did it!


via infrabodies