Digital Tattoo Gets Under Your Skin to Monitor Blood | Gadget Lab |

Dr Heather Clark at Northeastern university (USA) is leading research on subdermal sensors, These devices could tell you exacty when you need medication and what medication you may need.

This tattoo will contain nanosensors that will read the wearer’s blood levels witht eh help of an iphone 4 camera.

Its not hard to see how far reaching such an application could be, allowing for minimally invasive diagnostics and mesured medication.




blood concentrations show up as above.





» ‘If Zappos would run your hospital’ or ‘Delivering happiness to patients’.

This post by Steven Zwerink looks at ‘Delivering Happiness‘ by Tony Hsieh. Tony is the CEO of, an american online shoes and clothing company:

“They have actually said no to a lot of very talented people that they knew could make an immediate impact on their top or bottom line. But because these candidates weren’t culture fits, they were willing to sacrifice the short term benefits in order to protect the culture (and therefore the brand) for the long term.

A hospital is not a business?
Circque du Soleil is not in the circus business
You’re both in the experience and emotion business
You’re both in the stories and memories business
Think bigger!

In most cases healthcare is a completely different beast than the business world but where it is similar is in the people. This means, the experience a patient has can make or break how they view a hospital, which in turn changes how they talk about it with their friends and family.”

People may not remember exactly what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel

Nicely put!



What is 3D Printing? [Infographic] | Sculpteo Blog.

for those who want this question aswered here’s an easy to follow guide

Furniture Design With Fluid and Continuous Form by Nuvist Architecture & Design | Modern Industrial Design and Future Technology – Tuvie.



Furniture designed by Nuvist in this article in Tuvie they state that:

First of all we wanted to design a great surface sensation. Our curvature-calligraphic lines of liquefy surface shaped and inspired by all natural lines like from human anatomies to typographical geometries or to organisms of nature. Combinations of concave and convex continuous lines integrate each other. They bend, turn and twist in multiple directions it create organic, fluid, functional, ergonomic and sensual form.

We believe that we created exquisite-elegant design which has contextual relationship between temporal and spatial connections which provide us to create ergonomical, functional morphological surface for a furniture design.

food for thought!!

Christian Dils & Manuel Seckel Interview – Fashioning Technology.

Interview with designers who have recently set up their company Stretchable Circuits, The area of wearables is one which needs great development and innovation but which also holds great potential if the technology for some of these devices can evolve beyond LED lighting on clothes:

“Other applications which will be available soon after are conformable keypads (either haptic or capacitive), sensor structures for example for seat occupation detection or artificial skins for robotics, or just simple stretchable conductor wires for different technical applications.”

via fashioningtech


Hunt for High-Tech · FIELD Dynamic Visual Identity Systems.

Bart Hess and “low tech prosthetic way for human enhancement”





Hunt For High-tech from bart hess on Vimeo.

Echo from bart hess on Vimeo.




VITAband puts your MasterCard and medical record on your wrist [Updated] | ZDNet.

this band embeds a Mastercard chip, your emergency contacts  and a your medical info is accessible with an eight digit code that medical personnel can access your health records.

Not at all sure about the design and how many people would want to wear this, however it is an interesting concept.