Better Walking with Robotic Legs «

November 13, 2012

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The Berkeley Robotics & Human Engineering Laboratory is researching a way to improve the performance of human bodies. They are doing innovative research in the field of exoskeletons that improve human legs. Current projects include two amazing types of leg augmentations: The Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) and the Austin Project.


The HULC Project is also doing research in exoskeletons, but there is a big difference with the Austin Project. The target group of these exoskeletons is people that already have working legs. The goal is to enhance them. It augments the human leg both in strength and endurance. A person wearing these leg enhancements will get less tired than a person without them, as well as being able to carry up to 90 kg on their back. There are sensors in the legs that feel what movement you are going to make and the exoskeleton makes the movement with you, while diverting the mass on your back to the ground.

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