evaporation of things | 13 & 14 March 2013, Edinburgh

February 28, 2013

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The symposium Evaporation of Things is intended to explore the increasingly digital interface to biological ‘things’. From the phylogenetic analysis of plants, to the data representation of the human genome project, studying the subject on a screen has replaced the study of the material artefact. For the general public, astronomy remains a question of looking at the stars in the night sky, whereas for astronomers the use of optical telescopes is a thing of the past – so the question emerges “where is the thing?”

Over two half-days we are gathering artists and designers as well as scientists and other scholars to share understandings and affordances offered by their ways of knowing living things through data. In addition to presentations and discussions we invite all the participants in the symposium to bring a material and/or an immaterial manifestation of a ‘thing’ to a Show & Tell Workshop.

The Evaporation of Things will be documented by bloggers Pat Kane and Ken MacLeod with transcriptions from presentations, images of artworks and documentation from the Show and Tell to be published in Ubiquity: The Journal for Pervasive Media, Intellect.

petabush‘s insight:

looks like a fascinating two days

See on www.evaporationofthings.com


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