Design and the Coming Iceberg

September 10, 2013

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I am a product designer. I have been part of frog for nearly 20 years. In that time I have seen our industry change quite a bit—yet it is nothing like the changes I see coming.


the first wave: Experience Design

the second wave: The Iceberg

the third wave: Organic Products


“Design is how it works.” This is how the late Steve Jobs described the greater value of design. The statement is true now more than ever. And it goes even deeper than what Jobs might have implied. The “it” of that quote becomes not only the experience of a single device, but a composite experience made up of a multitude of touch points, not only what we can see and touch, but by a world increasingly unseen and diverse, and by an organic mindset that says that the product, the “it,” is no longer a fixed static thing, but a growing, evolving experience that ultimately can begin to mirror our ideas of life itself.”

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