A thriving project helps restore and upcycle discarded furniture for leading designers and design fairs

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A decade ago, it would have been considered eccentric for brands such as Levi’s or Louis Vuitton to align themselves with the world of craft – then a byword for provincial pottery and lumpy woollens. However, a wider cultural shift towards an

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Across the developed world, healthcare systems face tremendous challenges driven by increasing costs, increasing demand (due to changing demographics, increasing longevity and greater incidence of chronic conditions) and big improvements in addressing complex, previously untreatable conditions. Most healthcare systems are on an economically unsustainable path as healthcare consumes an ever increasing portion of the GDP.

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As long as these wearables deal with being wearable and do not become another device that patients dislike then great!

Supposedly, if you’re right-brained, you’re more creative and artistic. If you’re left-brained, you’re more methodical and analytical. It turns out all this categorization is a myth. There’s no evidence anyone uses one side of the brain more than the other or that either drives personality traits.

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When I think of 3D printing, I think of objects that are hard, made of plastic, metal, or some synthetic material. I imagine there will be a lot of soft products made with 3D printers, but I was curious how they might be made. Recently a new kind of printer produced by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney is printing soft things. Their printer turns woolen yarns into objects. The actual printer looks a lot like a sewing

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An exhibition of stunning, sculptural bling at the Museum of Arts and Design shows what happens when photography and jewelry mix

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