Medical Device Makers: Travel Agents of the Future??

March 5, 2015

  SOURCE January 7, 2014 (ED NOTE: Some of us may remember when most people were sceptical about the place the internet would take in our present day, digital-dependent society; not trusting it enough, until Amazon broke the ice with giving your credit card on the internet, and, hell yeah, you got your book, and no one looted your bank account.  And travelling was totally different than it is today.  If you wanted to plan a trip, you either did it on the phone, or would trek down to the local travel agent’s office, and go through the itinerary sitting down with an agent. Now, when it the last time you did that? The same thing may be happening with medical device makers.  History tells us the internet changes industries.  Banking.  Travel.  Communication.  Entertainment.  Watch out, Manufacturing, with 3d Printing comin’ on. Well, Medical Device makers, it would benefit you to watch the development of 3d Printing, and perhaps start embracing its benefits in your future plans.  Just


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