I am a PhD research student at The Cass (London Metropolitan University)

My research follows on from an MA project that was completed in 2010.

The PhD research is titled Jewellery as beneficial artefacts for wellbeing: Designing people-centric health devices.

I am exploring ways to design for people-centric health devices: integrating health, jewellery and materiality.

The project will be making use of co-design methodologies and in the near future I will be recruiting for participants for the research.

A new blog has opened to cover my PhD research this can be found here
the scoopit sites are also recommended for viewing recent research identified in the fields of interest.

Twitter: @shubush


4 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. Sarah Kettley Says:

    where are you studying and what is your name? I’d be interested to know more

    • shubush Says:

      Hi Sarah
      Apologies for the delay in responding- I’ve taken some time off from my PhD to look after my health so I have been neglecting this site. I checked your site and will send you an email to fill you in. I do follow your work so pleased to hear from you.

  2. studioinputs Says:

    your work seems very interesting! I hope you’ll share your results here, once you’re done, since i’m now following your blog

    • shubush Says:

      Thank you 🙂 I will keep you updated, I’m in the thick of designing right now and I’m still working on updating a website- so much to do so little time!

      Great to see your blog, I look forward to reading and seeing more, and learning from your perspective.

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