1minute69 B0DYSC4PES live performance @ LPM Rome on Vimeo on Vimeo

via 1minute69 B0DYSC4PES live performance @ LPM Rome on Vimeo.

video showing 1minute69’s BODYSC4pes performance on May 22 2011 In Rome.

The performers interact with visuals and sound, to explore ideas of identity and I think embodiment. Visually arresting and intriguing – I want to know how they did it!


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post from ingrid fetell’s blog that looks at colour






June 2, 2011


Flesh by D Klomberg

Makes you look at skin and the body in new ways.

Reyboz on Vimeo

June 2, 2011

Reyboz on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Reyboz on Vimeo.

amazing moving sculptures


June 2, 2011

Anthropomorphe. interesting blog

‘Man is the measure of all

things: of things which are,

that they are, and of things

which are not, that they are

not. Anthropomorphe

proposes a reflection on

individual and collective

human body identity.

Where lies the soul?’

slim avocado

May 27, 2011

slim avocado.

Krisitn Neidlinger’s work can defy description, she works within the fields of technology, art, design, adornment, performance, communication and healing.

The InflataCorset below is described as:

‘InflataCorset is an inflatable corset, exo-layer that inflates
internally when heart reaches the startled, excited state. The external
pressure on the skin, calms the nervous system or sensorium which
creates sensory deprivation. It also enhances posture as it contains
uniform pressure to support the spinal column.

This was designed for people with Sensory Processing Disorder. This
covers the range from ADHD to Autism. The effects of instant relaxation
can be applied to greater populations.’

Apart from my own delight in her works, they work for me in their exploration of what is and could be possible for human prosthetics. They also demonstrate the potential of transdisciplinary approaches to the themes which she works with.

YouTube – Examined Life – Judith Butler & Sunaura Taylor 720p.avi.

I came to watch this video after being invited to attend group discussions around the issues of physical disability in culture and literature. These begin tonight and continue on the 8 June and 22 June.

Initial thoughts/notes

the video  made me again think about embodiments –  how we see ourselves and how our bodies inform us of who and what we are.

how we interpret that could change?

considering prosthetics (in its widest sense) and how some of these are seen as stigmatising to the wearer/user; solely because of the perceptions around disability, (ill)health and aging that exist culturally around us.

I will write more on this at a later date…