Video: Check Out BlaBlabLabs’ 3D Body Scanner/Printer At TC Disrupt.

John Biggs from Crunchgear reports on 3D body scanner/printer. BlablabLab set up an exhibit which took a 3D copy of a person’s body and printed it out into a 3″ high figure.

The video perhaps shows the possibilities as well as the pitfalls of  digital fabrication.






The World’s Most Complex Architecture: Cardboard Columns With 16 Million Facets | Co.Design.

Michael Hansmeyer uses algorithms invented by Pixar and painstaking handicraft to generate columns with dizzying detail.

When people mistake photographs of your physical prototypes for computer renderings, you know you’ve achieved something amazing. That’s exactly what happened when Michael Hansmeyer showed off his “computational architecture” column, created by iterating a subdivision algorithm over and over again and then fabricating it out of cardboard.

Free CAD software * for your DWG files: DraftSight – Dassault Systèmes.

always good to try out free software!

Webinar: Jewelry design with T-Splines.

Cell Cycle ipad app on Vimeo on Vimeo » Archive » Liquid Sound Collision by Eva Schindling.

don’t fully understand this but it’s interesting all the same!


DEVELOP3D – T-Splines for Rhino.

useful and simple explanation of T-splines