‘Communion’ by @field_io and @universalevery at @gaitelyrique – “celebration of an audio visual synesthetic experience” #cinder #javascript | CreativeApplications.Net.

strange, magical and mesmeric, this exhibition by Matt Pyke (Universal Everything) is called Super-Computer-Romantics, and deals with anthropomorphism.

Communion by Field + Universal Everything – Documentation from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.

Communion – Live Coding – by Field and Universal Everything from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.

slim avocado

May 27, 2011

slim avocado.

Krisitn Neidlinger’s work can defy description, she works within the fields of technology, art, design, adornment, performance, communication and healing.

The InflataCorset below is described as:

‘InflataCorset is an inflatable corset, exo-layer that inflates
internally when heart reaches the startled, excited state. The external
pressure on the skin, calms the nervous system or sensorium which
creates sensory deprivation. It also enhances posture as it contains
uniform pressure to support the spinal column.

This was designed for people with Sensory Processing Disorder. This
covers the range from ADHD to Autism. The effects of instant relaxation
can be applied to greater populations.’

Apart from my own delight in her works, they work for me in their exploration of what is and could be possible for human prosthetics. They also demonstrate the potential of transdisciplinary approaches to the themes which she works with.

Craft & the Digital World / News & Press / About Us / Crafts Council.

An article from Crafts Council looking at makers using digital tools, as a briefing note to the FutureEverything conference.

Jane Scott | TFRGDEV

May 24, 2011

Jane Scott | TFRGDEV.

here’s one to watch:

‘Jane Scott is a PhD (part time) research student at Central St Martins School of Art and Design. She is a textile designer focusing on the design and development of transformable knitted textiles for architecture and spatial interventions.

Jane works as a teaching fellow at The University of Leeds specialising in knitted fabric design for textiles and fashion.

Research Area

Jane Scott’s research investigates transformable knitted textiles engineered to change from flat surfaces into three dimensional forms. Inspired by paper folding techniques, the research applies smart materials including shape memory yarns to weft knit structures, developing fabrics which have the potential to transform in response to external stimuli. The research combines material innovation with weft knit technology developing textiles capable of providing flexible architectures and spatial interventions.’

Craft & the Digital World / News & Press / About Us / Crafts Council.

looking at craftmakers who are early adopters of new processes here they look at digital forming.

Maker’s mark: A new generation of artisans are reviving arts and crafts – Fashion, Life & Style – The Independent.

a renaissance of craft?