Don Norman on Wearable Devices | MIT Technology Review.

well worth a read, to begin considering how these wearable devices will effect us in the future.


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wearable fitness coach from Sebastiaan Pijnappel on Vimeo.

Engadget report on   a wearable device which helps improve your pitching technique. This obviously could have applications in a range of other activities, including health.


August 13, 2011


Lucy McRae works with Harvard biologist Sheref Mansy to create Swallowable Parfum. On swallowing a digestible capsule, your skin then excretes fragrance molecules during perspiration, becoming a ‘biologically enhanced second skin’.

Lucy McRae has explored these boundaries of skin, fashion and tech-science.

She has previously worked with Bart Hess, together working with the themes of prosthesis, body and fashion

SWALLOWABLE PARFUM® from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.



Leah Heiss Projects

August 11, 2011

Leah Heiss Projects.

It has been some time since I looked at Leah Heiss’s work. Its great to see the number of different projects she has now developed, using a collaborative process. The outcomes are therapeutic jewellery and electronic garments through to large scale installations. Her practice falls in the fields of art, design and science, and she is interested in smart materials.


Seed Sensor

a swallowable device that detects gas fluctuations within the body (methane, carbon dioxide etc.) that may be an indicator of undiagnosed disease



Neckpiece + ring for administering insulin through the skin


Shape Change Jewellery
Jewellery that changes shape at body temperature


Ether Beat Garments
Garments which sense, process, transmit and receive the ECG wavelength to facilitate remote empathy


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Artist uses haptic design tools and 3D printing to create otherworldly sculpture and jewelry « Ponoko – Blog.

Farah Bandookwala’s work is showing at the Jerwood Makers Open until 28th August.




The Art & Science of Touch from Siri Rodnes on Vimeo.






Magic Emotion Concept Eyewear Helps You Expressing Your Emotions For Better Communication | Modern Industrial Design and Future Technology – Tuvie.

This brings a new meaning to emotional design, with these glasses that display its wearer’s expressions, by Tan Yunfan.


via Tuvie