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Medicine X Day 2 – Sonny Vu | Medicine X Stanford.

Watch Sonny Vu talking about wearables at the above link

Sonny Vu talks at Medicine x about wearables. It is an interesting video and Vu shows his grasp and understanding of the field. Of any wearables commentator, he is  the best informed, that I have heard or read. And this understanding is embodied in his company’s new design called “Shine”. Although I  do not like the name,  it does work well with the parameters that Sonny Vu talks about. The wearability is terms of comfort has been considered and the fact that it can be worn in different ways is innovative. its also water-proof which increases its wearability factor for all those swimmers out there.

However I am hoping that he is saving the best for later, since there are still many areas that he could explore regarding the wearing of objects, which I do hope to write about in my thesis (watch this space!).

A further point is that a wearable for fitness (and a motivated wearer) is very different to a health device that is required to be worn by the wearer to support a chronic health condition. These wearers are two distinct groups of people with very different needs.

I am also intrigued by how he defines ‘precious’ and how he intends to use this in his designs.

On Twitter he did cause concern regarding his apparent dismissal of the involvement of patients in designing wearable medical devices. Others commented that he perhaps did not explain himself very well. He did comment on Twitter that his company does ‘consult’ with  patients. How his company does this I do not know. although I would be very interested to find out.

In conclusion, I like ‘Shine’ and find it the most wearable of all the fitness trackers. Vu does have his finger on the pulse (I know, I know!) of the wearables industry. And I look forward to seeing Misfits’ new products.

Don Norman on Wearable Devices | MIT Technology Review.

well worth a read, to begin considering how these wearable devices will effect us in the future.

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I’ll spare you the video, but imagine, if you will, a He-Man video with the “power of Grayskull” line and someone singing, “The Power of PEEEE!” That’s what has been going through my mind since ear…

petabush‘s insight:

we all have it so why not use it?

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Co.Design4 Rules For Designing Wearable Tech That People Will Actually WearCo.DesignIt is an exciting time to be in wearable technology.

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The debate is beginning to open up regarding the design of wearables, particularly health wearables. however there is still little innovation happening in the designs and the outlook is continually one of expecting people with health issues to want their devices to be ‘discreet’ and ‘camouflaged’. It is till hard to move the debate on to talking about choice, about designing these artefacts with jewellery designers who already work with the very intimate boundaries of the body using different forms and materials; whilst considering differing notions of wearability. Nor is there a consideration that we need to be using design to remove stigma not to perpetuate it. What meanings do we want these artefacts to hold for the wearer and how can we enhance, promote these meanings through design.

These are some of the issues which if challenged will lead to interesting developments and innovations in health enhancing wearables

The Jawbone UP Fails, But Teaches 3 Golden Rules For Experience Design | Co. Design.

Interesting review form Co.design

seems Jawbone missed a trick or two

the design of the wrist band was one that had caught my attention, so it will be interesting to see if this has legs for the future.