The Decade Of The Mind & Your New Cyborg Brain 1b | Plus Ultra Technologies/30 steps.

” We are not thinking machnes, we are feeling machines that think”

Hmm! something from Plus Ultra Tech� to mull over…


Conference Presentation – People ARE the Product | mattDiamanti.

Good to see the human and humane being brought into the equation. Diamanti’s talk covers: web 3.0.;  the singularity (he finds it terrifying); healthcare and experience design…

… and a new world view alternative developed within fields such as ‘ecology, moral psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics’ – ‘a world as life’ worldview

Abler. art + adaptive technologies + re-imagined community.

I can always spend some time at Sara Hendren’s site,I finding ideas or ways of thinking that make me pause for a moment… and think!  Sara describes it as:

‘a think-space about art, design and adaptive technologies. Here you’ll find links to artwork that may be thought of as “adaptive” in both explicit and implicit ways: work that uses tools, instruments, proxies, cyborgs, or other extensive machinery to augment the way we live. I’m interested in adaptation for practical purposes—creating greater options for the literal challenges that disabilities present. I’m also interested in adaptation in a metaphorical or speculative sense: tools, real or imagined, that make visible the less-apparent, but no less human, challenges we encounter.’

Bleeding_Chrome.pdf (application/pdf Object).

Thesis : Bleeding crhome: technology and the vulnerable body in feminsit post-cyberpunk science fiction by Katherine Allan. it looks like a really interesting read….

145 Highlights from FutureMed Singularity University | Lincoln Cannon.

Thought provoking highlights posted by Lincoln Cannon for the FutureMed event

YouTube – Stephen Hawking and The Theory Of Everything 1 of 10.

all the series is on you tube -where this fits in with my blog? well now…


looking at how humans will re-connect with one another in a new way, Michael Chorosts new book looks worth a read.