Mind over gray matter: Placebo improves both pleasure and pain.



Being Human 2013 | Being Human

September 28, 2013

Being Human 2013 | Being Human.


FutureMed: The Future of Health on Vimeo on Vimeo

via FutureMed: The Future of Health on Vimeo.

via FutureMed: The Future of Health on Vimeo.

The Jawbone UP Fails, But Teaches 3 Golden Rules For Experience Design | Co. Design.

Interesting review form Co.design

seems Jawbone missed a trick or two

the design of the wrist band was one that had caught my attention, so it will be interesting to see if this has legs for the future.







A Cast That Helps Fracture Patients Heal Faster | Co. Design.

Interesting concept by Pedro Nakazato Andrade. ‘Bones’ is a cast embedded with electromyographic sensors that capture muscle activity around the fracture area and dispatch the data to a health management site, where patients can track their progress. Also their results can be shared by doctors and other patients.

This hopes to promote the self management culture. At present enabling people to manage their health is the ‘hot potato’ of medicine. People still feel medicine should offer them a magic pill to cure-all.

Bones from Pedro Andrade on Vimeo.

via designtaxi.com

NewYu fitness monitor tracks wide range of activities | Health Tech – CNET News.

CNET reports on NewYu who have designed a wearable connected fitness monitor, which clips onto clothing.


again, it is interesting to see how they make it wearable – the use of a clip. there’s still a long way to go to make these artefacts work as adorning the body ( back to jewellery!!)

I’ve commented in the past of the use of grey for medical and health devices (grey is the new beige/magnolia version of health devices).

Leah Heiss Projects

August 11, 2011

Leah Heiss Projects.

It has been some time since I looked at Leah Heiss’s work. Its great to see the number of different projects she has now developed, using a collaborative process. The outcomes are therapeutic jewellery and electronic garments through to large scale installations. Her practice falls in the fields of art, design and science, and she is interested in smart materials.


Seed Sensor

a swallowable device that detects gas fluctuations within the body (methane, carbon dioxide etc.) that may be an indicator of undiagnosed disease



Neckpiece + ring for administering insulin through the skin


Shape Change Jewellery
Jewellery that changes shape at body temperature


Ether Beat Garments
Garments which sense, process, transmit and receive the ECG wavelength to facilitate remote empathy


Images from elasticfield.com