Corset wearing for chronic back pain – Focus on Hypermobility (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).

Great article about using corsets for chronic back pain.

An informative read about one person’s creative use of corsets to manage the pain she experiences having Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

This is just one example of a health seeker finding a way for medical prescription to fit in with their own identity.  Rather than the medical corsets or supports that are available, Jo has considered physical function and realised that the corset can also achieve this as well as considering the psychological and social factors of wellbeing of wearing an object that does not scream “medical” or “sick” at anyone seeing it.


November 25, 2011

Ingredients 5-  the latest issue from Chris Lefteri is now available. always a great read!


The Jawbone UP Fails, But Teaches 3 Golden Rules For Experience Design | Co. Design.

Interesting review form

seems Jawbone missed a trick or two

the design of the wrist band was one that had caught my attention, so it will be interesting to see if this has legs for the future.







Polymer Opals | Colours

November 25, 2011

Polymer Opals | Colours.

researchers at the Cavendish Laboratories with DKI are working on industrially scalable structural colour materials for decorative security and sensing applications

Pendant Phone By Josie Baker « FGadgets.






Seems like there’s a rash of wearable devices which clip onto clothing at the moment. Here’s another the pendant phone by Josie Baker. Magnets hold the device on (so not for those with pacemakers!) and its made in a silicone casing. Not usre how colours hwere chosen!!


Synthetic skin spun from spider silk | SmartPlanet.

spider dragline silk is being used as a new material for artificial skin. spider silk is 5 times stronger than kevlar, and is not rejected by the human body. researchers at Medical school Hannover in germany have managed to cultivate two types of skin cell types when placing them on silk meshes woven onto rectangular steel frames

via live science via smart planet

An Oxygen Dress For Surviving The Apocalpyse In High Style [Slideshow] | Co. Design.

Personal Air units! How long before these actually catch on?