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A Cast That Helps Fracture Patients Heal Faster | Co. Design.

Interesting concept by Pedro Nakazato Andrade. ‘Bones’ is a cast embedded with electromyographic sensors that capture muscle activity around the fracture area and dispatch the data to a health management site, where patients can track their progress. Also their results can be shared by doctors and other patients.

This hopes to promote the self management culture. At present enabling people to manage their health is the ‘hot potato’ of medicine. People still feel medicine should offer them a magic pill to cure-all.

Bones from Pedro Andrade on Vimeo.

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NewYu fitness monitor tracks wide range of activities | Health Tech – CNET News.

CNET reports on NewYu who have designed a wearable connected fitness monitor, which clips onto clothing.


again, it is interesting to see how they make it wearable – the use of a clip. there’s still a long way to go to make these artefacts work as adorning the body ( back to jewellery!!)

I’ve commented in the past of the use of grey for medical and health devices (grey is the new beige/magnolia version of health devices).

Digital Tattoo Gets Under Your Skin to Monitor Blood | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

Dr Heather Clark at Northeastern university (USA) is leading research on subdermal sensors, These devices could tell you exacty when you need medication and what medication you may need.

This tattoo will contain nanosensors that will read the wearer’s blood levels witht eh help of an iphone 4 camera.

Its not hard to see how far reaching such an application could be, allowing for minimally invasive diagnostics and mesured medication.




blood concentrations show up as above.




Prosthetic Aesthetics: with Stelarc, Bertolt Meyer, Lizbeth Goodman and Rachel Armstrong | Science Gallery.


A ‘wish I was there’ moment,  I’m sure this will be a thought provoking event. Stelarc, Rachel Armstrong, Lizbeth Goodman and Michael John Gorman all being on the panel, that will discuss prosthetics, technology and aesthetics,and presumably culture as well.

+ Hanky Pancreas™

June 7, 2011

+ Hanky Pancreas™.

Jessica Floeh uses a insulin pump herself, and for her masters chose to focus on the socio-psychological impact of wearable diabetes technologies.

Through working with a group of women with diabetes in New York she was inspired to create designs. Hanky Pancreas is a series of products that can be attached onto insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.

It’s a nice simple and relatively cheap alternative that offers women some choice in how they wear the devices.

Heartwalker watch doubles as a sphygmomanometer.

An interesting concept with its heart in the right place (excuse the pun) Just has a strange aesthetic that doesn’t seem that well thought out. The watch face just doesn’t seem to fit with the arm piece.

Also the main arm band or bangle, its just not clear where this must fit and how big it actually is. However as a multi-functional wearable device it is moving in the right direction













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