The Decade Of The Mind & Your New Cyborg Brain 1b | Plus Ultra Technologies/30 steps.

” We are not thinking machnes, we are feeling machines that think”

Hmm! something from Plus Ultra Tech� to mull over…


Prosthetic Aesthetics: with Stelarc, Bertolt Meyer, Lizbeth Goodman and Rachel Armstrong | Science Gallery.


A ‘wish I was there’ moment,  I’m sure this will be a thought provoking event. Stelarc, Rachel Armstrong, Lizbeth Goodman and Michael John Gorman all being on the panel, that will discuss prosthetics, technology and aesthetics,and presumably culture as well.

Imagine A Phantom Recorder That Stores And Plays Back Physical Sensations For Amputees | Co.Design.

The poetics of prosthetics!

CoDesign reports:

‘Cohen has grounded her fanciful design in a firm bedrock of facts. She created Phantom Recorder in collaboration with scientists from The Cambridge Center for Brain Repair, “in response in response to the implant they are developing – a regenerative peripheral nerve interface,” she tells Co.Design. “They experiment with the implant prototype, [but] I would obviously not be allowed to, and I was working out my concept through discussions with the team based on their experiments.”

Cohen’s concept is based on the increasingly un-out-there idea of brain/machine interfaces, in which the human nervous system is directly linked in a feedback loop with an electronic device. The scientists who inspired Cohen developed an implant that will let nerves associated with a missing limb re-grow onto terminals which can register their electrical activity and control assistive devices or prosthetics.’



Gadget Lab Notes: Wireless Mind-Reading Headset | Gadget Lab |



Disposable EEG Electrode System for Easier, Mess Free Application.



Compose Beautiful Music With Just Your Thoughts.

Light Therapy May Improve Cognitive Function in Brain Injury Patients – Medical Device Network.


The application of light therapy via LEDs on the forehead and scalp can improve cognitive function and post-traumatic stress disorder in patients with a traumatic brain injury, a study published in Photomedicine and Laser Surgery has reported.