NewYu fitness monitor tracks wide range of activities | Health Tech – CNET News.

CNET reports on NewYu who have designed a wearable connected fitness monitor, which clips onto clothing.


again, it is interesting to see how they make it wearable – the use of a clip. there’s still a long way to go to make these artefacts work as adorning the body ( back to jewellery!!)

I’ve commented in the past of the use of grey for medical and health devices (grey is the new beige/magnolia version of health devices).


Leah Heiss Projects

August 11, 2011

Leah Heiss Projects.

It has been some time since I looked at Leah Heiss’s work. Its great to see the number of different projects she has now developed, using a collaborative process. The outcomes are therapeutic jewellery and electronic garments through to large scale installations. Her practice falls in the fields of art, design and science, and she is interested in smart materials.


Seed Sensor

a swallowable device that detects gas fluctuations within the body (methane, carbon dioxide etc.) that may be an indicator of undiagnosed disease



Neckpiece + ring for administering insulin through the skin


Shape Change Jewellery
Jewellery that changes shape at body temperature


Ether Beat Garments
Garments which sense, process, transmit and receive the ECG wavelength to facilitate remote empathy


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Digital Tattoo Gets Under Your Skin to Monitor Blood | Gadget Lab |

Dr Heather Clark at Northeastern university (USA) is leading research on subdermal sensors, These devices could tell you exacty when you need medication and what medication you may need.

This tattoo will contain nanosensors that will read the wearer’s blood levels witht eh help of an iphone 4 camera.

Its not hard to see how far reaching such an application could be, allowing for minimally invasive diagnostics and mesured medication.




blood concentrations show up as above.




Scientists Create New Invisible Material | Reuters.

�I had to check it wasn’t April Fools Day when I saw this article by Tina Casey reporting on the creation of a new material at Columbia Engineering School. This “metamaterial” can behave as if it doesnt exist!


Nanofibres and Fashion Technology at

Informative post from outlining the qualities of nanotechnology. I am very interested in how materials can offer the thermal gain that our own body’s  materials offers us. And now we have nanofibres with thermal storage properties. Other properties these fibres have are:

waterproof but breathable


greater absorbency (wicking)

power generating





Prosthetic Aesthetics: with Stelarc, Bertolt Meyer, Lizbeth Goodman and Rachel Armstrong | Science Gallery.


A ‘wish I was there’ moment,  I’m sure this will be a thought provoking event. Stelarc, Rachel Armstrong, Lizbeth Goodman and Michael John Gorman all being on the panel, that will discuss prosthetics, technology and aesthetics,and presumably culture as well.

slim avocado

May 27, 2011

slim avocado.

Krisitn Neidlinger’s work can defy description, she works within the fields of technology, art, design, adornment, performance, communication and healing.

The InflataCorset below is described as:

‘InflataCorset is an inflatable corset, exo-layer that inflates
internally when heart reaches the startled, excited state. The external
pressure on the skin, calms the nervous system or sensorium which
creates sensory deprivation. It also enhances posture as it contains
uniform pressure to support the spinal column.

This was designed for people with Sensory Processing Disorder. This
covers the range from ADHD to Autism. The effects of instant relaxation
can be applied to greater populations.’

Apart from my own delight in her works, they work for me in their exploration of what is and could be possible for human prosthetics. They also demonstrate the potential of transdisciplinary approaches to the themes which she works with.