slim advocado  is the website showing all of kristin neidlinger’s amazing and prolific concepts and designs.

She defines herself a:

‘an experience designer whose work explores the somatic self and the ways sensory worlds transform it. She studies, in a trans-disciplinary approach, the craft of phenomenal technology for physical embodiment.

kristin is a classically trained ballerina, healing artist, and designer.

She endeavors to recycle the future from the past.’

LUCYANDBART.   create amazing costumes using everyday materials, theyare like second skins and  make me consider very much the relationship with the body and how it moves and carries materials:

zoll life vest is a wearable defibrillator. It monitors the patient’s heart and if a life threatening heart rhythm is detected, it delivers a treatment shock to restore normal heart rhythm. This device is used whilst further treatment options are being considered.


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